reviews: Evy Jane says so (single)

We recently have hosted two features concerning the Canadian label King Deluxe. Two interviews: one with the people of the label and one interview with Aleph, a new impressive artist from Russia. We have received also few of the releases of the label, among those releases, there is also the single of Evy Jane “says no” . Evy Jane “says no” according an article on  RA  is the very first vinyl release of King Deluxe. Evy Jane are the duo from Vancouver  (singer/keyboardist Evelyn Jane Mason and beatsmith Jeremiah Klein). “The vocals of Evelyn  on “Says so” in combination with a very proper post dubstep inspired sound makes a very exceptional result. The dark atmosphere and sensuality of this release is definitely the main impression you get at first. Besides the original version, on this release you may also find interesting the two remixes by two artists from Vancouver scene named Max ulis and Taal Mala. A highly recommended release from us today. You can buy it here as well as having an audio preview

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