featuring the best tracks of 2011 (according readers and followers of this blog)

We would like to apologize once again for the delay of our annual report. We have already announced the results for the best websites of the year and best clubs and now it is the turn of the best tracks of the year. The results concerning the best tracks of the year are rather interesting and thats because many of the tracks people mentioned are actually unexpected.

Tracks from different labels and genres shows once again the variety and the extensive  strength of contemporary electronic music. An other thing that was clearly stated from this little shituationist research was the fact – a lot of different people, a lot of different choices. I was very confused in the end, what tracks to post here. Therefore I will try to be as much as objective as possible and in the other hand to present ten tracks instead of five. The tracks have not any specific order.

* some of the artworks

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Darko Esser – “clean slate” comes from Curle label  as the 033rd release on February 2011. Darko esser after the success of “absolutely no regrets” releases an other fabulous deep sound techno track. Curle is a great Belgian label launched in 2006 for all things deep techno, house and miminal stuff.

Active Child – I’m in your church at night. This tracks was actually originally released in July 2010. Few people mentioned this track, therefore I decided to post it bellow. You can read a nice review on Active Child’s album released in August 2011 by pitchfork here

Andri – Rock the night feat Hellsongs (URSL 002). This is with no doubt the long awaited, open air – summer hit of the last year.Especially in the parks of Berlin in the various open air parties. The track was included in homonym EP and was released by URSL (a label based in Berlin and Hamburg) in May 2011.

Andy Stott – Dark details: available on Modern Love 2×12″. An interesting dub techno track released on Modern love labelfrom Manchester UK

Scrase – Silo Fin released on Love Love records a label based in UK

Damn Hot Night- daddyKshunn (Berlin Racketeers Mix) – unreleased

Rustie – Ultra Thizz: Very fresh sound with rather oldskool influences in some parts, from the debut Album of Rustie (Glass swords) released on Warp  last October. You can read our review on the album here

wutzlhofer – bad frequencies: A techno track from Berlin also available for free download by us few months ago

oliver schories – wildfang: Most likely, you all know this track, so no further presentment is necessary. A track who totally rocked the Berlin dancefloors last year released by Parquet Recordings . Oliver originally from Hamburg remains one of top listed djs in Germany.

Carlo Lio and  Coyu – Mike Loves The Horn: released on rejected last October by the Spanish duo.

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