Album review: Escape Velocity-Tetraktys EP

Tetraktys is the experimental/ambient debut EP by the promising Grecian duo Escape Velocity. The opening track Pythagoras has a nostalgic and yet so innovating feel about it. It showcases layers and layers of flawless production and sophisticated soundscapes that embrace the beauty and mysticism of mathematics.

The homonymous Tetraktys is another well-structured track with harmonic shifting tempos and killer hypotonic bass.

It feels like this EP is a sonic journey through time that ends with Hylozoism a melancholic ambient-dubstep hybrid infused with experimental glitches, odd time signatures and out worldly melodies.

The more I listen to it the more I like it, which at least in my experience means that it is a quality piece of music that undoubtedly deserves your attention.

2 thoughts on “Album review: Escape Velocity-Tetraktys EP

  1. very nice review indeed !well done
    also the music gives me that feeling that so precisely describe.
    and the music is magically
    really good post
    thank u!
    love n peace

  2. It didnt really excite me the track you have posted bellow your review at first. But after giving it a second try I changed my mind, very melancholic and deep bass , a way to go.. very nice review thanks for contributing

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