saturday set and a little note regarding ILL: knospt – zwei stunden und zwei sekunden vol. 5 15092011

a set by knospt. from hamburg i think and somehow connected to this ILL thing (ILL is a sign appearing a lot lately, connected in particular to events of streetart and progressive dance music. there is also a manifesto written in german, where it is stylized as a counter-advertisement semiotic attack against neuro-marketing and culture industry. basically it is the three letters as a creative commons sign and recently manifests itself in the form of club events in hamburg aswell as underground streetart exhibitions in abandoned places. to summ it up, you hear and see a lot of these people recently.)


hudson mohawke : joy fantastic : waplp188
raffertie : you could be forgiven for thinking that : zen12296
kuedo : starfox (illum sphere’s re-fox) : ziq308
computer jay : maintain : ramp028
om unit : fibonacci 10 : hoya003
lunice : i see u : lm009
rustie : hyperthrust : wap300
morgan zarate : hookid : hdb044
aslope : mercury mouth : hi021
mwëslee : far loop era : ksnn09
offshore : east coast capital connect : bd185
becoming real : showdown in chinatown (intrumental) : ntevn001
guido : woke up early : drunk016
guido : orchestral lab : drunk011
taz : strike first : nmbrs003
kuedo : joy construction : ziq262
eskmo : let them sing : ziq253
africa hitech : seek em step : wap315
james blake : cmyk : rs1003c
koreless : away : bwood071
hyetal : phoenix (fantastic mr fox refix) : acre027
lukid : spitting bile : glum002
nochexxx : charro : ramp044
bok bok : reminder : ns010-12
hovatron : gypsy trader (mshini wam remix) : low003
astroposer : skelucid : ship005
robag wruhme : robag’s bobb 2005 für f : 12mutett8
hrdvsion : oh techo saves (oh oh mix) : iiwii008
starting teeth : twisted floors : crds012
mouse on mars : gogonal : rtd195.3611.1
bogdan raczynski : kimi : cat085lp
health : before tigers (blindoldfreak rmx) : slang9550084


more knospt

more ILL

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