new Artists: Illustrated (Los Angeles)


Some days ago, we have received a submission in our account by a 26 years old(Sean Layton), new electro/dubstep artist-producer from the States, located in Los Angeles named Illustrated . He recently signed with an electro/dubstep label located in the UK called, “LU 10 Records”, after listening to his single “Subtle Hints” which is available as well as other recent tracks bellow.

The sound of Illustrated is very well mastered, gives the impression that is made from someone who is really well educated in contemporary electronic music. It rather follows the new wave of dubstep which is definitely getting a huge scene in the States and the UK. Illustrated is definitely an upcoming artist which deserves your attention where also can  be placed together with other successfull artists like Sub focus (his dubstep releases). We would definitely like to interview Illustrated here, the upcoming weeks if that is possible.

More info about Illustrated

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