Berlin 27.04.2012: Subsonic Noise feat. Forbidden Society (CZ)

This is a press release of Subsonic noise for their next upcoming event in Berlin this Friday at Subland.

Press release

Subsonic Noise feat. Forbidden Society

Date:   27.04.2012
Start:  23:55
Venue:     Subland, Wiesenweg 5, Berlin

Since early 2011, Subsonic Noise organize Drum and Bass / Dubstep Party in Berlin clubs like ://about blank, RAW tempel or MIKZ . This year we have chosen the Subland for our party.

This year subsonic noise is happy to welcome Forbidden Society from the Czech Republic. The sound of Forbidden Society is strongly influenced by metal music. Since 1998, Forbidden Society produces electronic music, the result is a series of tracks on labels such as Forbidden Society PRSPCT, Freak, Obscene, Algorythm, Counter Strike, Big Riddim, Future Sickness, Union Records, Yellow Stripes and published many others. In October 2010 he started his own label, Forbidden Society Recordings. We are pleased that he will shake Berlin after a long abstinence with his brutal sound.

But of course that’s not all, the night will rounded off by many other local and international DnB and Dubstep DJs. Like Bad Matter [Audiomassive], Miss Redflower [Trust in Music] and Laburnam [Capital Steppaz] all out of Berlin. While Santi y el Lobo, and Boombassbrothers of Evil Records come from Spain to rock Berlin.

Drum’N’Bass Floor:
Forbidden Society (CZ) [Forbidden Society Rec., Prspct Rec., Algorythm Rec., Freak Rec.]
Bad Matter [Audiomassive]
Miss Redflower [Trust In Music Rec.]
Fexomat [Ringe Raja Rec. / NSF]
Laburnam [Capital Steppaz / Neuro Tech Team]
Bloodyclown (FR) [Ausnahmezustand / Bass Circus]
Bassler [Ausnahmezustand]

Dubstep Floor:
Oumygawd [Distortured/Biggerdubz]
Nilow [BF. Rec.]
Boombrassbrothers (E) [Evilrecords / Drumfactory]
Santi y El Lobo (E)
Big Breeze [Ausnahmezustand]


The event is supported by the shituationist institute in Berlin

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  1. hey I dunno .. I have posted the video in the I will do this tomorrow again 😉 I apologies

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