Alphabet Heaven – The Boosh EP on King deluxe

We remain amazed from the King deluxe’s new releases. We have received few days ago an other new upcoming release from the label, scheduled for the 1st of May. We are writing for the first release of Alphabets heaven named boosh!. You can read the review from King Deluxe website bellow

“Coming from the beautiful boutique label that is King Deluxe is the May 1st release of Alphabets Heaven’s Boosh. Brighton’s own sovereign of the snares and kicks delivers a 7 track release featuring 3 works as well as 3 reworks, including one from Robot Koch. Though his modus operandi would indicate an EP full of clicks and clunks, Boosh beats to a different drum. Delivered is something much more rhythmic than just click and clunks. Thought there are some up tempo ditties, my personal faves are all of the slower tempo’ed pieces. The opener and title track does feature a steady measured and melodious piece full of efx, filters, still managing to creating a refrain from it all. But I found myself stuck on Deartentonine, drawn in possibly by the opening guitar sample, but then taken to this lavishly lush landscape conjuring images and sounds of wild flora & fauna, all done gracefully in an adagio pulse. YES.” – 92BPM

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