Interview: Mr.Feathers on upcoming album ‘Knife Cream Sundae’

You are chilling on a tropical beach, holding a passion fruit Mojito on one hand and your mp3 player on the other. Everything seems to be normal.. until you press that play button. A mysterious creature has seized the beach, the pineapple trees and your cocktail and you are about to be sucked in the Bermuda Triangle..Mr.Feathers is back! Knife Cream Sundae is his second release on Miami’s Triangle Earth and introduces a more refined sound, that is packed with pitched up vocal craziness, weirdo hip hop outbursts and heavy galactic bass.

‘..embrace the bass in your face delivered by Feathers.’

Hello Mr.Feathers! How are things on Triangle Earth and what has changed since the last time we spoke?

Things are good at Triangle Earth. My album Knife Cream Sundae is due to come out on May 5th. I started the album 2 months before I released Galactic Trinity. On my new album I collaborated with some cool friends, super cyborg aliens called Metro Zu and with another great electronic musician from Miami called Line noise. Otto Von Schirach made some sounds for me on a track I called Playboy Toy. Super fun!

What hardware and software did you use? What’s your favorite one?

Technology is moving fast so I used my iPod touch with different vocal apps and sound morphing apps.  I also used a new laptop, which is laptop No7. I call it white claw because everything on it is white. I did lots more vocals this time like Enter Little Ox and Mr.Feathers. As far as software it really depends on my mood. I like using Frooty Loops, Renoise, Sound Forge and Magic.

Could you give us an insight on the underground Miami music/art scene? Any highlights from the past year?

Miami music scene is super creative and super lousy. There is not one day that doesn’t pass by that there isn’t a party happening. I took a break for WMC and Ultra Music Fest and all the other parties and focused on getting my album to sound extremely good. I poured my heart out on super original sound and short tracks that are genreless. I wanted them to last forever.

Has Miami’s tropical climate and the fact that you live right next to the Bermuda triangle influenced your work in any ways?

The triangle trap does play an amazing influence in my music, I’m more focused and there is an energy here that captures intellectual creativity.

What’s Mr.Feathers’ and Triangle Earth’s next mission? Any plans you’d like to announce here?

My next mission is to create some really amazing videos to go along with the tracks and hopefully go to the uk and do some shows with Otto.

I am unique, I am Mr.Feathers. Thank you Nanotek and Shituationists and London and to all my friends on planet earth.

Knife Cream Sundae is out on Triangle Earth on May 5th

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