Saturday Set: Zweifuss – Kleiner Mond (recorded @ Dienstagswelt)

You may have heard the name Zweifuss indeed. Our good friend Zweifuss from Berlin was invited to play at the Dienstagswelt (probably the best party on Tuesdays in the city) few days ago. He recorded the set and we proudly like to present for our Saturday set sessions. After listening the set I quickly realised that there is a progress in the sound of Zweifuss, something that I wasn’t used before by listening his previous sets (especially those from the last year). I call it bad coincidence the fact, I wasn’t there to listen the set on the dancefloor of MIKZ, to get a better impression. On some parts, it  seems to me that Zweifuss slowly relinquishing tech house  to something deeper and more close to techno.Furthermore I really enjoyed the flow of  this set, actually I can write with certainty that way Zweifuss’s sound is taking, impresses me. I expect more sets like this one in the future.

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