reviews: Anklepants​-​Social​-​Patching​-​And The pixel pagent facéd boy

A few weeks ago I listened for the first time,  the new release of  the Australian kinky friend of this blog, with that dick in the face. Yes Im talking about Anklepants. Directly came to mind, its time to write a new review on the blog. But directly after skipping the tracks a bit, the second thought was,  how should  I write something  concerning an album of Anklepants?, how difficult is to write few words to describe this release?. Suddenly I thought that Anklepants’s music  is very hard to tell what I think,probably because the variety of sounds included to this album made me feel a bit strange, nevertheless a feeling of pleasure engaged my brain cells that afternoon.This guy also likes to sing, paying attention to the lyrics and the voice,  makes the situation even more difficult.I must say this album confused me a lot, jumping from breakcore to dubstep and further to house, a weird kind of pop elements and a dark atmosphere , but an irresistible desire to listen the album kept me in my room with my headphones for more than an hour. I really enjoyed, also reminded me that Anklepants is a great artist.

Social-Patching-And The pixel pagent facéd boy in the end, its an excellent release, exceptional, from those releases that we are not really used the last time. There is also an other advantage  of this release. Anklepants give it out for free. You can download “Social-Patching-And The pixel pagent facéd boy”from or directly from HERE /Free Download. You can also read an interview with fancypunk on the shituationist blog from the last year here

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