releases: Nina Kraviz – Nina Kraviz

Many people were waiting for this much anticipated debut album of the Russian (Siberian artist), dj, producer and vocalist, released by Rekids last February. The new(debut) album is out since some time now and I finally found some time to write something about it. I was reading a handful of reviews previously written online and the most of them saying that its probably one of the best releases this year. In fact this album is everything that an electronic music album should be in order the listener to get in the right mood. I suspect that the next months are going to be dedicated to this album, with much electronic music media attention and many people will start looking for summer  live sets of Nina Kraviz, after all lets see, what the future brings for this absolutely fantastic release from one absolutely upcoming (already essentially great) artist . You can have an audio preview as well as buying it here .

Nina made also this great set last February for Resident advisor that you might find enjoyable for this Monday afternoon.

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