48 hours festival in Neukölln

Many of you know that some of us at the moment, we are somehow based in Neukölln Berlin.Around our neighbourhood, a  mesmerising annual festival of contemporary art is taking place today and for the next days, called 48 in Neukölln festival. A variety of  projects and free cultural events for the whole weekend might be a good idea for spending sometime productively this week. The program and the list of the events are described on the official website of the festival http://www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de/2012/index.php.

There is also an event during the festival by a new generation of Israeli artists residing in Berlin, that we are definitely going to show up. The exhibition is called Die Asporas (this is the name of the artist collective). You can read how they describe themselves and the event bellow.Actually I found it very impressive.

Recent years have been marked with a rising trend of young Israeli artists who have immigrated to the city of Berlin, showing growing interest in its various cultural assets.
The interaction with the German city provides a unique gateway, one again linking ancient European aesthetic traditions to local Israeli visual culture.
This cultural encounter does not always meet the expectations of these travelers. These artists look at the visual sphere in Germany and interpret it from an instable point of view, lacking an authentic sense of home.
The perspective of this exhibition stems from a recognition, that Israeli artists in Berlin are, in fact, foreigners from the Middle East, and that their point of view is one that looks at Europe from the outside, exhibiting ‘occidentalism.’
The exhibition showcases a group-wall-installation, a collection of fresh contemporary art work focusing on the artist’s visual reaction to the german environment, a contemporary stranger’s perspective.

Each with his own unique visual grammar, the exhibiting artists request to fuse the forbidden poles of east and west, tradition and innovation, politics and aesthetics, local and universal.

Alma Alloro | Dorit Bialer | Benyamin Reich | Alina Shmukler |Shira Wachsmann | Lior Wilentzik| Sahar Zukerman

Lior Wilentzik

with cooperation of Habait :

In the opening event:

Drinks, food & Music

Dj: Otto Manic

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