Fusion Festival 2012 shituationist announcement and archive

We are probably one of the few blogs around  Europe, where you can find reports, reviews and articles concerning Fusion Festival the past years (since 2009 and the beginning of si-blog). The majority of the contributors of this blog have visited fusion festival more times than once. Fusion remains the favorite festival of the shituationist institute. As the moto of the festival says: fusion is supposed to be holiday communism, therefore we are going this year again.

As a little motivation for those who are also going to the festival this year, we would love to present you our archive from the previous years of fusion. Loads of pictures and impressions can be found here: 2009 photos from fusion by drofnothinga review by fancypunk and a video from a memorial for Michael Jackson 2010 a report including photos videos and words  by drofnothing. 2011 review by individualusername and photos by drofnothing

 and a nice set from fusion 2010 https://si-blog.net/2010/09/02/fusion-festival-26-06-10-robot-dj-set-at-querfeld-stage/

A problem that it might discourage a lot of people to join the festival this year is the weather report. Unfortunately the most possible scenario is constant rain during the festival, but you still can bring your whiskey, rum, lime and your good mood and everything will be fine

As usual You can send us your reports, photos or anything you want at sh1tuat1on1sts at gmail.com. See you there, as every year we are going to wear a shituationist t shirt, you can always come and say hi.

and the map

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