Fusion festival shituationist report 2012

We are back from Fusion 2012, certainly had some really nice moments and saw some great acts, also some rum infested debates (aka the shituationist alcoholics conference) about what has become of this festival, and so on and so on ;). The storm was crazy though, and now we have fever, so here comes from our hot heads and cold feet a little report, and then back to the ginger tea.

a pic by astrid

 Apart from that we should notice that fusion is still supporting financially, or giving the opportunity to loads of projects to exist and after all, it also provided a great artistic and musical atmosphere. Still a lot of doubts surround this thing of course, if it is too crowded, becoming too professional, etc.  Certainly we do not take that stuff too serious, we do not share the idea of a commercially consumable temporary holiday “communism” (a joke that chokes itself), but we thank you for the rave 😉

Maybe individualusername will add some review on the more freaky acts later, dr0fn0thing was drifting all the time as usuall without even knowing what artist is currently playing (istari lasterfahrer was great fun though), so here are just some mentions of the bigger djs and a selection of some recorded sets that showed up already (selected by fancypunk, with some videos by astrid):

They were  many great djs and highlights at this year’s fusion, such as Oliver schories (who played a super awesome morning dj set at turmbühne aka the main stage of fusion). You can listen the dj set bellow. Kombinat 100 played this year a jazzy house dj set, the people seemed to enjoy very much. Johannes Heil at turmbühne on Saturday was also nice, the same with digitalism on Thursday and indeed Kollektiv turmstrasse  are only a handful of the great  artists, we have seen playing at fusion this year.

Below some of the dj sets we found on soundcloud.

Oliver Schories dj set

the Glitz at fusion 2012 dj set

Daniel Dexter dj set

Video report by Astrid

Holidaysocialist Water Cannons

Panoramic view

the holiday communism?

and a nice youtube find:

Magda closes Fusion Festival 2012 (read here)

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