shituationist institute recommends: deep fried #09 at ://about blank

If you still wonder what are you going to do tonight in Berlin, how to spend this marvellous summer night, we would like to recommend you the new party of deep fried at:// about blank.The line up is probably interesting for you: The Analogue Cops, Efdemin, Schoppen Wittes  and a special guest, well known to the shituationist institute fellows called Blake Baxter. Especially for our contributor from Berlin Individualusername, who was very often amazed by the dj sets of Baxter. Even if the party doesn’t really fit to you, the backyard of the place is spectacular. I bet, there is no better place to spend a summer night in Berlin. The negative part could be the entrance fee as well as the beer price, but I can’t really tell you the exactly price with certainty though.

More info about the event check RA:

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