Julien Mier – when will you wake up [KING013]


The forthcoming release of the Dutch composer Jlien Mier “when will you wake up EP” on the canadian label King Deluxe is definitely one of the most fascinating pieces of work, we’ve got in advance this summer in order review here. A variety of feelings and sounds composes this release. A sophisticated artist background combined with natural elements,acoustic instruments,  sometimes seems to emphasize in something we are not really used to in our days. In fact it was difficult for me to write something about this release. In order to succeed I had also to watch the video made by Julien for one of the tracks of this EP called watercolor sky, something I strongly recommend you to do, while you re listening this EP. Julien Mier is also known for one of the remixes on the track “Sayso” of an other think tank artist of King Deluxe. I have a strong impression that all the releases  I got by King Deluxe are somehow at the same direction, something that it doesn’t really bother me at all. The Label is definitely one of our bests already. The EP “when will you wake up” will be out on August 6th. I guess you could get a copy on the website of King Deluxe.


The introduction of the tracks by the artist:

Watercolour Sky is a piece in which I’ve used my own voice and changed the overtones
through formant filtering, to resemble a female singer, in part to achieve a musical neutral point
of view. A voice is one of the most precious and normally less neutral instruments you can
have, and that colours the music in a certain way. Sometimes it’s just easier to erase the identity
so you can pinpoint yourself in the music instead of the character of the instrument.
Je t’ecoute is one of the best examples of my composition methods, using collage techniques
to reflect my fascination of dreams. These are reconstructed, in this case, with a rolling bowling
ball, the clinging of a metal lantern, and the sound of a death march trumpet.

Rainbow Covered Home is an experiment that pretty much went out of hand. The percussion
in this track was inspired by the story of the diminutive David beating up the colossal Goliath,
the idea being to create a psycho-acoustic, fluttering wave inside your head.
Glide, Sail, Float is a slightly different approach… I used a number of vintage synthesizers and
keyboards thanks to the Red Bull Studio in Amsterdam, and tried to reflect the feeling of being
inside a warm womb, just minutes before you’re carried away from this place. The vocals are
from Myrthe van de Weetering, a very talented multi instrumentalist from Utrecht I met during
my studies. She sings:

Then in Capsized, when the bubble is broken and you suddenly realize this life you’ve been
living isn’t quite what you expected, the ship starts to capsize. I’ve recorded actual ships in
the harbor nearby, and the correlation between field recordings and the rhythms is a reflection
of all the wooden objects in the ship that loosened. In the middle of the track, when a synth
arpeggiator rises up, the listener is completely underwater but he sees distant lights flickering
on the surface. When he swims closer he hears the screams of a cock, shouting for the morning
and slowly his alarm clock winds off. But maybe he didn’t wake up at all?

by Julien Mier

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