Love techno – Hate germany *summer special tomorrow in about blank

The new edition of a party that the previous years, the shituationist institute has promoted probably the most. We could easily make a special edition of Love techno – Hate germany of all the previous editions with photos, announcements and recorded dj sets from the past. Its somehow obvious that this party is important for our consideration in Berlin. The idea of combining a techno party in a left-wing club environment, such as about blank with a antinational approach and critique, it has continuesly been an important reference point for the Berlin shituationists.

Of course we also could emphasise the limitations of this concept. We are continuesly criticizing the whole hedonistic party resistance idea, mostly through self-criticism of our blog as well as for other related projects such as Love techno Hate germany, but we cannot deny the fact that all of these years, with those parties, a new essential subscene was established successfully, inside the effort to push the agenda of questioning nationalism  a bit forward. At least this is what I got from this.

After this brief comment for the background of LTHG back to the music. The line us seems interesting again with many special guests. The line up below as well as some nice sets to get an idea what is going to happen tomorrow.

* For more You can always visit the blog of the part crew LTHG here

line up

*Hol­ger Zils­ke (play­hou­se/leena)
*Eva Be (Best Works)
*Es­ther Du­i­jin (Ams­ter­dam)
*Rocko Ga­ro­ni (ZCKR Re­cords)
*Resom (://about blank)
*Ro­bert Au­di­en (Neu­bau Ber­lin)
*maus & flot­ze2.0 (ra­ve­bot­ta / ffm)
*Elect­ro­se­xu­al (Rock Ma­chi­ne Re­cords)
*Ernst & Pa­low­ski (Raum&Zeit/Glücks­kind)

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