News from near Athens “Laiki techno panigyris festival”

“Since the ancient Greek music and outdoor celebrations, till industrial zones  and illegal techno parties  in warehouses, people serve the same need. The need for celebration, communication and happiness”

These words are taken from the website of the Laiki techno panigyris organizers A techno event who will held near Athens (about two hours or so) on  Saturday, the 8th of September at Stení, Evvoia eria. You can check their event on facebook concerning the map location. Some of the most recognizable artists/djs of the Athenian techno scene and well known to us on the shituationist institute will be there, such as Slydex and Biomusic. Besides the line up, vjs from m4n4r4v3r will take action as well as art exhibitions in the area of Laikitechnopanigyris.  

The location from what I heard from some friends is marvellous and as I can see on the website, the organizers offer the possibility of free camping in the area.

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