a brief report concerning Fuck Parade 2012 in Berlin

Some days ago, on the 28th of August, the annual fuck Parade took place in Berlin. A party on the streets with lot of trucks who bombed the city with breakcore, rave classics, even gabber and happy hardcore. Fuckparade once upon a time set out to counter the commercialism and conformism of the Loveparade. More than 7000 people have attended to the fuck parade this year, a surprising number indeed.

I have accidentally been at the Fuck Parade this year. It was definitely out of my plans for this summer, although I knew that some of my friends wanted to join. In the past years, many of my friends even some of the shituationist contributors, such as dr.ofnothing have tried to review a bit the Parade itself by admitting their criticism as well as providing information concerning the specific situation on the streets. While I was walking in the Parade this year, an old text by Datacide magazine pointing out the fall out of the Fuck Parade 2009 came into my mind but not for long. I was disturbed by some drunk people, shouting and yelling of someone who tried to walked by the crowd. It was actually hard to find my friends. The parade was really packed but somehow I managed to do it.

Everybody of us seemed not so satisfied from this event, so after meeting up, we directly started to discuss about it. Needless to say that we were disturbed one more time. Some wasted German “patriots” wearing football t-shirts with the german flag,  totally aggressive were jumping around as well as making sexist comments for some women who were dancing near to them. The german patriot thing changed to a German nazi thing. Some friends of the “patriots” with t-shirts from the  famous to the neoNazi scene  brand, called Thor steinar and boots with white laces were also shouting very wasted as well as smashing some bottles on the street to show off.

The Police was all over the place. Police officers rather bored and tired seemed to be waiting the final signal to shut down the place and evacuate the streets from the drunk crowd.

As for the political message of the Parade? I have no idea. I didn’t really get it at all. On the website of the Parade saw somwhere some announcements in solidarity with the Pussy Riot but I didn’t really see anything while the Parade was taking place.

That was my first and last time in Fuck Parade. A place that alternative people meet Nazis to get wasted together, in peace once a year. It is reminding us once again that almost everything can be tolerated in the Berlin bubble. The following video can actually give you an impression, what the Fuck Parade was , at least in my point of view.

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