Kallahan “INFINITY” ep

A new ep was released in the end of August by Kallahan, a new Brazilian artist of electronic music. His new ep “Infinity” is released on People records, a new label based in Birmingham UK.  This EP comprised by 3 tracks with many elements of Techno, Progressive House and Minimal. It is hard to say if I like his sound or not, but it definitely brings to us,  the question  of what is going on in Brazil concerning the electronic music scene. It is actually an unknown part of the world for us. This is does not mean that we don’t want to learn. Therefore, this ep is probably the first attempt to have here more news, reviews from Latin American electronic scene. We may like to encourage our Latin American readers and followers to send their demo. Few words to describe their music will be much appreciated.

You can have an audio preview of this EP on beatport here 

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