Kamistry No. 1 – M U R D E R E R 12″

This is the latest release by Kamistry No.1, a drum n bass oldskool jungle artist located in Manchester. We have received it few days ago and It will remain available for free download until the end of September (then it will be available only at juno etc) . Three tracks strong influenced by the early years of the drum n bass scene.  Heavy Old Skool Amen Break Reggae Jungle, totally offers a travelling back in the past.  The Photography is by – Luke Hardisty www.luke-hardisty.co.uk/. You might like to check his blog. More concerning Kamistry No.1 in the upcoming week. An interview is on the way.

One thought on “Kamistry No. 1 – M U R D E R E R 12″

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