Athens: en techno Festival 21/22 2012

 En techno fest already counts 4 years in a row.  I probably have to mention that I haven’t been there the last years because I wasn’t in Greece that time.Therefore I can’t really tell you how this festival developed in time. However it remains a good event according the Athenian expectations though. The line up seems  interesting to me, even if it is n’t something very spectacular. The majority of the foreign guests on the line up , both in the two days have been visited Athens in the past and at exactly same location (SIX DOGS). Artists like Jichael Mackson and Delta Funktionen for instance. If you like to know more extensively concerning the line up – the labels and the artists of this year’s en techno, maximize the poster in front of this post.

The ticket for one day costs 20euro and for two days 30e. This is actually seems to be expensive for the Athenian audience in this particular moment where the austerity measures are constantly on the surface of everybody’s life. Anyway I apologises if you perceive it as a judgemental statement but it seems to be an important fact for many people who read this post and willing to attend en techno this year.

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