HS003 Mia Dora, HaHaHa & Raksha – Ill-defined

This is a new release that I wanted to write since few days. It is out since October 1st on High Sheen . Hahaha, Mia Dora and Raksha recently formed a new project to produce a number of new collaborative tracks and the result out of this, is truly interesting. We had some time to present such a good release on our blog and Im glad that we do today. Two absolutely dancefloor  techno tracks with awkward beats and  hypnotic drum patterns comprised of both live and synthesised sounds fills the track with atmosphere and instills a real sense of urgency in the listener. The moment the bassline is introduced, however, the purpose of Ill-defined becomes clear – to bring your warehouse party crashing to it’s knees one drop at a time.

And a video designed by Grampian Mountains.

Ill-defined video by Brendan Bennett

The release is available now on 12″ vinyl and digital formats. You can order it here: http://www.surus.co.uk/High-Sheen/Ill-Defined-19249.aspx

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