this friday in berlin: love techno hate germany

We continue our blog tradition of announcing in the middle of the week our personal suggestions where to go on the coming weekend. After last weeks antinationalist antifa party (the Autonomous Neukölln Antifa had invited to an extraordinarily nice party) in about blank club  that you hopefully enjoyed just as much as we did, we can directly continue our recommendations for that location:

This friday the Love Techno Hate Germany Party hosts it’s next edition there. As usual this is a political party, they will support the Karalina Project with it. Karalina is an initiative that organised support for women in jail, for example sending them the present packages that they are allowed to receive, when no personal contact does so.

In the lineup of the party you can find t.i.A., who was featured in our podcasts series one year ago (#23). The mix for the SI blog is not available anymore, but we recommend the soundcloud page of t.i.A for more recent mixes. Another djane from the lineup that we totally recommend is Sylvia Rymd, a resident of the about blank that we remember from many sets at parties we attended there and elsewhere. By the way, t.i.A. also played at one of the early love techno hate germany parties that we attended, still back in the Lokal near Rosenthaler Platz. It was just the third edition of Love Techno Hate Germany and already one of our favorite little parties (you can check an old report on our blog from spring 2009). Soon after it was not little at all anymore and now it is a well established antifa party series. This one being the 25th edition of the party we get a bit nostalgic about those days… By the way in the report you can read, that tia and kolja are from about blank, this was before the club existed (or in it’s early days?), when about blank was still the little party collective doing stuff around the city.

The full lineup is this:

Mareena Sonderbar [Parallel/Tresor]
Bebetta [Damm Rec./Peppermint Booking]
Alienata [Snuff Trax/Berlin]
Solaris. [Syndikat//Unikat]
Silva Rymd [://about blank/electricdress]
t.i.A [O.H.I.D]

Here is the link for the facebook-event. Where you could read an explanation about all that HATE: “we are tired of borders and nations and we hate them because they hate all people…”. For us it’s quite amazing how much irritation the party motto causes each time. It’s the 25th edition and there are still people troubled by the declaration of hate for the nation? Purpose served…

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