new album by legowelt “paranormal soul”


After the freebie the TEAC life, legowelt has returned in the end of 2012 with a new mind blowing album released on clone records. Melodic and intelligent techno samples, exceptional drum programming and gorgeous danceable atmosphere. You can easily feel something like a techno “music mysticism” and that 90s house n techno great feeling. The new album of Legowelt is definitely on the list with the best releases of 2012 and by the way i have the impression that it was a bit surprising that he released in the end of the year. He succeed though to make the difference in 2012. The album includes 12 tracks listening to them in a row perhaps is the best way to understand/feel this album. Apart from the mp3  It also comes out in a Translucent green vinyl.  A great piece of sequenced electronic music, highly recommended by the shituationist institute.


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