shituationist institute high-lights 2012

Well, as the year comes to a close and the end of the world didn’t come on December 21st, we feel like sharing our highlights for this year. Interviews, article, tracks, releases, downloads, videos and reviews all of them have presented the past year from the lines of this blog, always in direction to encourage you listening good music though. We don’t really care if some of the artists mixes etc are  not wide spread by the super famous labels who rather constantly dominate the contemporary electronic music scene. Perhaps some of those were not featured on resident’s advisor website or elsewhere but they remain for us some brilliant moments and fabulous music experience for our ears this year. Unfortunately we have some losing this year as well. Mnmlssg   our favourite blog stop functioning. Some of our friends stopped the music and video production because of very serious health problems (we would like to wish them good luck).

A picture taken by the kids of Love techno Hate Germany somewhere in Europe

A picture taken by the kids of Love techno Hate Germany somewhere in Europe

Others they have  stopped organizing as many parties as before because of the crisis. But however the people behind this blog are still alive and motivated like the beginning. While I’m writing these lines, some of the shituationists are still partying since yesterday night at “back to basics” and other dirty techno basements in Berlin, some are djing in London, others are drinking whisky on the streets of Athens in the age of crisis. I would like to give some greetings and a special thanks to everyone who contributed to this blog this year and our close friends elsewhere. Some big ups to : Love techno Hate Germany in Berlin , Shlendrian Klimperbeat in Berlin, Mr feathers in the USA , Zweifuss in Berlin, King Deluxe label from Canada , the doctor of Nothing (co founder and great leader of the shituationist global congress :P), our new friends from Birmingham UK , MNanotek from London, our good friend dj and producer Giles Leonard from London , German speaking newspaper Jungle world based in Berlin, Sound Grave from the USA and everyone who supported the shituationist institute this year. Much love to everyone

bellow you will find a list with what we consider the best on this blog for this this or just what we considered interesting. Happy new year and enjoy your holiday. See you with some radical changes on this blog in the year 2013.

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