htrspltn – 19 [PLANET039]


The second release by Siberian producer Ivan Zhurovich, a.k.a. htrspltn, is just as ‘out there’ as the first. It is one of a number of releases Ivan has put out this year on a variety of labels. Thankfully this doesn’t indicate a drop in quality, but an increase in productivity.

19 is not an easy listen, but it is full of intriguing combinations of sounds, layered up and manipulated to produce something that is dense and highly atmospheric, hinting towards hip hop but never making the leap. You can download it from

1. Trip For Honey (2:30)
2. Lrtmn*spell (3:25)
3. Feed Me Honeysuckle (4:42)
4. Thrill Is On Your Lips (4:12)
5. Touch Me I’m Sick (Omut) (3:20)
6. Say Goodbuy (Omut) (3:28)

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