Saturday Set: Golem Oratorium #15 – Granulitpavillon – Welt ohne Rock

what can we say. something else than our usual saturday sets. and not even a set of electronic music. but it’s our recommendation for your saturday.(found it on frutelia3000)

David Lee Jr: Wymbo-Ngoma
Elmore Judd: dead man walk in a straight 9
Lupita Palomera: Vereda tropical
Brian Hyland: Schön War Die Zeit
Bob Lind: Cool Summer
Serge Gainsbourg: Melody Nelson
Gill Scott Heron: Me And The Devil.
Jonathan Richman: The Neighbours
Max Müller: Eine Welt ohne Rock
David Lee Jr: Constant Search
Jiraphand Ong Ard: Thai Boxing
Sisterlove: Give Me Your Love
Orlando Cachaito López: Tumbao No. 5 (Para Charlie Mingus)
Serge Gainsbourg Générique
Fernando Rosas Humanidad
David Lee Jr: I Want Our Love To Always Last
King Creosote_ Camels Swapped For Wives
Max Mueller: Tutu
The Sorrows: Nimm Mein Herz
Nanco: Lucky You
The Gentle Rain: Plastic Man
Frantic Elevators: Every Day I Die
Kronos Quartet: Winter Overture

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