traveling in Greece spring update

It has been a while from the last time I wrote something on this blog, for reasons I would  explain bellow. Reading the statistics of this blog today, I gladly realized that the number of followers has totally increased. I would like to welcome everyone who finds our blog interesting and apologizes at the same time  if we cant give as much as you possibly expected from us lately. This is happening actually because the creators of this blog are focused on so many different things at the same time beyond our usual electronic music concerns,  private life and interests. It doesn’t necessarily means that we move on with a new project, just that we are more focus on life perspectives and guess what else: “surviving”.

At the moment I’m back in racist Greece. Since my last visit in Greece apparently everything seems different, actually now the recession and the daily misery is increasingly overwhelming. In Athens not so many visible techno events as before,  the city is facing a real disaster with homeless, neo nazis on the streets, racist attacks to queers, migrants etc. The last months and because of this current situation I decided to start a new blog with news and translations concerning the austerity in Greece as well as reports from the capitalist crisis. The blog is called dawn of the greeks. 

Perhaps one of the reasons, I didn’t get inspired by Athens metropolis this time is also looking by the faces of the people. The people at the city center, even in the middle class bars seem to be exhausted from the daily stress and “crisis brainwashing”.  Therefore before I return back to Berlin , I decided to  discover once again  the countryside and the few of the gorgeous places left in this country.  I’m posting few pictures from places I was around recently and a freebie by Gold Panda to say hello to our new friends here. Have a nice spring time everybody and remain positive

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