Athens open air fim festival and other updates



Richard Linklater’s «Before Midnight» will open next Tuesday (june 11th) the 3rd Athens Open Air Film Festival at Cine Thisio, the best movie theater in the world, according to CNN. The festival returns for a third year with outdoor film screenings and cultural events from June to September, events will be held in the city’s summer cinemas, in open spaces around the Acropolis, museums and courtyard spaces, the park at Plato’s Academy, Agias Irinis Square and Avdi Square in Metaxourghio district.



This festival is considered by us as one of the best tips for this summer in case you are planning to visit Athens. In fact, the city is definitely one of Europe’s best if you like to attend open air events as well as partying until late with just a little cash. The weather facilitates the organization of events like this one, but unfortunately Athens is also not that safe city anymore. You should know that is dangerous to walk alone in some particular districts because Neonazis often looking for trouble and many people were stabbed with knifes etc. However Athens remains a good place to be in the beginning of summer. You can read more about the current situation in Greece at

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