brief report Fusion festival 2013

a pic by astrid, shituationist archive pic

a pic by astrid, shituationist archive pic

I was again at the fusion festival this year, as I did the last years as well. Unfortunately our photo reporter drofnothing couldn’t really make it this year because he moved to Paris for two months. I certainly had much fun this year although the weather was shitty and the line up not as impressive as other times at the fusion. However there were some artists we should underline here. My beloved for years acid jazz experimental artist Jimi Tenor, well know for his album intervision released on legendary warp in the 90s, was one of the highlights according my taste this year. We should also mention that Redshape, pan pot and many others rocked the main huge stage with the tower (Turmbühne) this year as well. A concert of Puppet masters was also one of the brilliant moments this year. Besides the music I found very problematic that festival got very packed on Saturday. I would like special thanks all of the shituationists and beloved friends who joined this year and made my experience of this festival even better. Greetings to Pete, Hannah, Thomas, Simon, Mona, Flo, Veronica, Elke, Jennifer, Jan and all the other party animals.

some tracks of the artists I mentioned above


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