shituationist institute in Berlin recommends: Escape From Now // ‘Ifz’ Benefiz at Humboldthain Club

Shituationists in Berlin highly recommend the following event by our close friends in Berlin
In Leipzig a new club for electronic music is in the making: the ‘INSTITUT FÜR ZUKUNFT’ (IfZ). Apart from offering the possibility to delight in excesssive and escapistic partying on the highest (sound-)level, the collective behind the project wants to provide rooms for emancipatory politics, exchange and collaboration. Since the funding mainly consists of private money and the costs of such a project are pretty high, any kind of support is welcome. For this reason there will be a benefit party for the IfZ at ‘HUMBOLDTHAIN’ club on Friday, November 22, organized by an invisible comittee by the name of ‘ESCAPE FROM NOW’.

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