In defense of boredom


Paolo Virno, from Virno the film


boredom is exciting!

“For me, boredom is the most informative way of ‘feeling time’. It’s about borders and limits of personal tolerance. When do we get bored? What happens after we get bored and the audio keeps going? Why weren’t we bored before? Is it possible to ‘go back in time’ as the audio continues, and regain interest? Suddenly we have to confront our expectations about something, and decide to continue or retreat to silence and hope that’s more interesting. Conceptually, boredom is much more exciting than traditional models of compositional momentum intended to captivate an audience” Terre Thaemlitz (from an interview, found here)


do the opposite of the internet!

“There are as many opinions as there are onions in scotland but fun on the internet is – for us – a very rare thing. It’s like a computer game compared with a game that might fill your life. It’s the game again. It’s about accumulation and isolation. It’s the opposite of a club. And we wished you rather did the opposite of the internet, but if you don’t, enjoy it anyway.” Elektro Music Department, Two words about the internet (via a.s.ambulanzen: Provisorische Einfuehrungen in eine moegliche Netzlinke)

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