shituationist institute highlights 2013

Few months now  I didnt really contribute much content on this blog for several particular reasons. First because I am back in Berlin for long term, which means that I m still trying to figure out what the future brings to my life. The second and perhaps much more interesting reason was that Im trying to reevaluate and give a new direction/approach to the blog (in regards to my contribution). Nevertheless we still had some few good moments on this blog the last year, you may check below for our best podcasts, articles etc… hopefully this new year we will find us all more active and creative.. wish the best for 2014.

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A) articles

the screen generation part 3 an article by dr.of nothing deutsche bank macht kunst article by drofnothing Annual report from fusion festival 2013 5th shituationist birthday speech

B) podcasts

Loretta (Jena Germany) “Agony” podcast #41 september 2013 En lektronik (UK) podcast #39 JUly 2013 Taso Dee (GR) podcast #38 July 2013

you can also check here for our latest downloads

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