download some oldskool tunes (a podcast by mumdance) and some more news

I am back in life after a pretty busy party weekend. We finally managed to enjoy the last love techno hate German edition and the garden of about blank. We have met there many people we know by face or even friends who work in various antifascist and refugee projects. After this exhausting weekend, i felt the need to put again my headphones and listen some kind of oldskool music, smoking a cigarette on my window and enjoy the spring storm in Berlin today. Then I remembered that Mumdance (a.k.a Jack Adams) has uploaded few weeks ago a new podcast with various oldskool tunes from the early 90s. Although many of the tracks are already forgotten by the rave mob, likely many of us wont, due the fact that hardcore remains sort of influence for us till our days. For instance I still remember the first raves (many of the tracks in this podcast were the soundtrack of that time) in the 90s in Athens who have progressively been connected with the radical political scenes or the most restless audience and radical youth. So this excellent playlist of mumdance is a good reminder how brilliant the scene was in the beginning of the 90s. In case that mumdance delete the link with this podcast I strongly recommend you to save this podcast in your music library. You can download it here


1. DJ SS – Respect To The Following – Formation
2. DJ SS – A Little More Respect – Formation
3. 4 Hero – The Elements (Fire & Water Mix) – Reinforced Records
4. DJ Torchman – Tell Me – Face Records
5. Bay B Kane – Hello Darkness – Ruff Guidance
6. Bodysnatch – Euphony (Original Mix) – Big City Records
7. Foul Play – Finest Illusion (Original Mix) – White
8. DJ Vibes – Obsession (Music’s So Wonderful) – Tornado Records
9. Poosie & Cru-l-t – Hear Me Hear Me – Knite Force
10. Noise Factory – Future 2 (The Remix) – Future Records
11. NRG – I Need Your Lovin’ – Pyrotech Records
12. Ramos & Supreme – The Journey (Part 1) – Hectic Records
13. Jimmy J & Luna-C – Take Me Away – Knightforce
14. Sunshine Productions – Above The Clouds (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) – Just Another Label
15. Omni Trio – Thru The Vibe (2 on 1 Remix) – Moving Shadow
16. The Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness – Uphoria Records
17. Nasty Habits – Dark Angel (Remix) – Reinforced Records
18. Plasmic Life ft Alistair – Death Trip – Brain Records
19. Jimmy J & Cru L T – Six Days – Knight Force
20. DJ Force & The Evolution – Perfect Dreams – Knight Force
21 Bass Selective – Blow Out Part 2 – DJ Only Records
22. Orca – 4AM – LuckySpin
23. DJ Morph – Only Love – Explosive


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