shituationist institute at KISMIF conference Porto, Portugal July 10th 2014

congressFew days left till our trip to Porto for the KISMIF conference, which actually starts on July 9th and will last until the July 11th. Our lecture has the title “we like raves but… shituationism as a way out of the dilemma of Hedonism”. In fact we are going to share our experiences and views on the rave scene in Europe as well as contemporary electronic music and the link of it with radical critical theory perspectives. If you are curious what is all about and for any reason you re currently in Porto, please join the lecture and drink with us afterwards. We are about to hold a world congress 😀 and discussion on the beach near Porto, if any of you interested please contact us at . We would be glad to share views and Porto wine with you. Who said that shituationists are not active anymore?

ps: A dj set of the shituationists is also scheduled. See you soon

ps2: any recommendations and travelling tips are welcome too

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