6 years of shituationism. the annual birthday speech by dr0fn0thing.

he…, yes, hey, can you hear me? yes, the connection is a bit bad. what do you mean you thought we are dead? you realize we are not a blog but a network? blogging was a dead end anyways, “the feed ruined the internet” (ryder ripps). oh, you say, oh ok, oh shit I forgot our birthday.


dear shituationists,
we created the shituationist institute in october 2008 and each year we give you a little report what is our current position. well, we are still in berlin, you’ll find us in laidak or maramao in the evening, and at night in the fog. on a happy summer occasion we also met with A.K.N.E. again, this is the sound that one of us, gbrk, carried to a little festival in the woods: nihilist mix of dubtechno and electronic guitars. before that, in the beginning of the summer, we were on a drift to porto, exploring the psychogeography of the hills and squares and restaurants there, and crashing into an academic conference about Do it yourself Music Scenes, with a paper presentation, a DJ set, a table with selected publications, stickers and a poster exhibition. This conference was spectacular, we think we even saw Guy Debord (he totally looked like him, we have a pic and we will share it with you in our Porto travel report), while eating red and black caviar with the punk and rave scholars at the conference dinner. I know this sounds a bit surreal, but it all really happened. We will tell you more about it soon, first we had to write the paper for the conference publication (we will keep you updated about that..).



if you missed your shituationist fix this summer, you might want to check our fb page, some shit is there from time to time. why? because, like we said, all feeds are shit. but these non-sufficient social media that exist from time to time serve as the right tool for the moment. Or as we said in Porto:

Social media, the pretty surfaces that allow me to be connected to you and everybody else, which have this connectivity and communication as a function, constitute their own section of reality, instead of just being a means of transmission. We all know that, maybe this is why we added the word social in the term. Even if there are no images or media that are not social.

The modifiable surfaces, the interactive pictorial spaces, the interfaces of the web, join the profane representations of the world and the sacred untouchable images of art. Large parts of life are now lived there, in that architecture of intimacy, through a dislocation of nearness into a pictorial space. It even serves as a factory space for the superfluous, who work there in a occupational therapy of valuing and spreading cultural goods. The endless wealth of the net is offered in the mode of art, inexhaustible, and generates potentials. In the crisis of social media lies the potential of contact. This possibility seems to be more rooted in the conditions of the social than those of the media.

I personally promise (#vote-dr0fn0thing-2015) to you, we will build the shituationist archive for you, we worked a bit on this before porto and brought as a first result a reader there (it exists only on paper for now, so at the moment you get it if you meet us, not just by clicking us).

the shituationist art and interventions moved into the city again and I will stop apologizing for it on this blog :). the only thing for now, sorry for messing up this birthday speech, like every year.


see you soon my dears,
may only love tear us apart,
your Dr of Nothing

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