Featured events: Tunnel Ensemble + Automating concierto / música experimental (Barcelona)

peteOur good friends Tunnel Ensemble are currently visiting Barcelona…

Tunnel Ensemble + Automating
concierto / música experimental

Actuaciones de Tunnel Ensemble y luego de Automating en 44Perills Art Sonor, miércoles 19/11, a las 20h puntual (apertura de puertas a las 19h).

2€ socios / 3€ no socios
Carrer del Perill 44, Gracia


Automating is Sasha from Melbourne, Australia. Sifting through the sonic waste and discarded technology left by the roadside of a world speeding too fast into the future. Field recordings, found sound, tape manipulation, noise and effects units. Currently pursuing live and studio created binaural soundscapes and archaic tape based drones.


Tunnel Ensemble

The Ensemble founded in 2013 at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (FI). The classical saxophonist Marc Vilanova and the electronic musician Peter Breitenbach are trying to open up new sound spaces and new relations between the saxophone and electronics. They are exploring in there compositions the diversity of saxophone sounds also from the perspective and with the possibilities of electronic music.

The Tunnel Ensemble sees it self as a band. The compositions are created in the tension between improvisation and research. Particularly important to them is the spontaneous musical interaction between each other. To make this possible Peter Breitenbach developed a controller with different sliders and infrared sensors. Marc Vilanova plays this funny golden instrument. He makes most of the time silly sounds. But it is some how cool.


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