Game Over Fͨa͕c̞eͨb̺o̐oͭk͠

game over facebook

Dear shituationists in the babyblue world, check out GameOver FB Ξ̿̿̿̿..ş̨̧̧̨̨̨̩̦̤̥̘̗̗̜̕̚ ᚙ, a channel at the intersection of flood art, net art, urban art, digital graffiti, de-territorializing feed art. Think Pixação meeting Glitchr meeting FB Resistance Artists. enter –HERE

One thought on “Game Over Fͨa͕c̞eͨb̺o̐oͭk͠

  1. Been following the page for sometimes. Big applause! About high time someone punch a hole on the Gigantic Capitalism of ‘free-flowing information’ succumbation and on the top of that its a death of Mother Language memorial Day. Mother language my ass (y)

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