just a little note “At Berghain this weekend… Ostgut birthday event”

I was from the lucky ones. A cue of approximately 700 meters long, of people waiting outside Berghain with a little chance to enter was outrageous. Personally I had a guest list by a friend of a friend etc.. so I had to wait only one hour, so I survived the cue.  Something that I couldn’t really survive although I come from southern Europe was the heat. The whole club was transformed into a sauna. The extremely packed Berghain in temperatures I’ve never experienced before with half naked people was the evidence that the party will stay hard. Well I don’t really like writing about Berghain (never done before), but the reason Im doing today so, is, although the feeling in the club was rather like “the gates of hell” with 40 plus degrees inside, the evening itself was something I have never experienced for long time. I’ve stayed only at Function set in berghain and a little in Panorama bar, actually I fucking regretted when I left the place. But for me it was no otherwise, the lack of water and dehydration made me feel that was my last day. The way home it was not much better though.. So the reason I am writing to “no Berlin based friends” especially for this evening is because you should check Ostgut label just in case you haven’t already. Since I left the place I have checked most of the artists who are actually ( since the time I am writing this little post) still playing in the club. A new acoustic experience of techno as well as a new view on the scene will come after you do so. At this point I would like to special thank the other half of this blog, drofnothing, for convincing me to go there yesterday.As for you all, hopefully from now one see you more often on the dancefloor since I don’t really see you on barricades 😉

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