new book release: Bernd Volkert “Immer noch nicht hell – Still not bright”

‘Immer noch nicht hell’ – ‘Still not bright’ – is the title of a volume of poems published by Bernd Volkert in the Berlin-based xs-Verlag. The poems are adequate to the title insofar as they on the one hand bring to mind the fact that the free association of free individuals still doesn’t exist, but still on the other hand make a strong case that in the world as it is there is enough to engage and to start with, so that any cheap talk of we would be living in ‘hell’ is exposed as the expression of self-conceited snugness. The book achieves this by using love poetry, serious fun poems and existentialist texts directed against existentialism. By the way, the publishing house, xs-Verlag, is to recommend since it at least tries – in times of great confusion without false prejudices or a ‘We-know-it-all-already’-attitude – to find out what communism or whatever the big concepts used to be called until recent times could mean today.

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