From Tiqqun to the Young Girl Reading Group. A shituationist art world oracle, including: Kony, De Kooning,, DIS Magazine, Claire Fontaine, Bernadette Corporation, Chloë Sevigny, the black block and the Hilton hotel


Remember when all the hip art students were suddenly carrying around french insurrectionist literature by the Invisible Committee and Tiqqun? One could guess it was over in 2010, after that Fox news commercial (insurrectionism became mainstream?), all we can say is, that on the surface only some ironic ripples were left online. Netartists on were making juxtapositions of Stop Kony and The Coming Insurrection, generating endless plays of words from De Kooning, Tiqqun, Tiqquning, Tiqqony, Tikoonies. Which makes sense, Kony and Tiqqun both being about war. Want to know more about insurrectionism? Check the film “Get rid of yourself” by Bernadette Corporation (2003) for some artistic research, the three main actors being the black block, Chloë Sevigny and that anonymous guy with the rubber mask.

Fast forward again to the present time (2003 being like a century ago). The official insurrectionist art collective Claire Fontaine then gave us only a Foucault lecture when visiting for the Radical Philosophy conference in Berlin’s HKW. But elsewhere in Berlin, some artists with their artist’s bodies dragged themselves together in artist’s flats and labeled themselves reading group (aesthetification or acceleration of a leftist practice of intellectual empowerment?) Their reading group was starting with one text of Tiqqun, Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl, where Tiqqun apparently explains their critique of capitalism through their hate for stylish parisian young girls. After this text, the quite stylish reading group is called Young Girl Reading Group. Tiqqun in the original text adds that since what we could call the beginning of spectacular times (Jonathan Crary did historically situatuate this situationist model in the second quarter of the 20th century) the label of young girls applies to a lot of different persons apart from actual young girls. The same applies to the YGRG, it is neither only a group of young girls nor centered around that text. Anyways, now members of the same “reading group” did their latest project with some Hilton hotel towels in a Berlin project room and a Berlin project in a Hilton hotel room, if we get the documentation right. Which leads the Shituationist Art World Oracle to the following prophecy (remember you heard it first here):

YGRG will be the next big thing after DIS.

(There is no guarantee that the shituationist art world oracle will be right though, it is a bit confused, as it was playing on its phone during the Claire Fontaine lecture, it never attended a YGRG session and it was reading all the texts mentioned in this prophecy years ago and also has trouble keeping all the collective’s names apart, because it was only created in 2008 and was busy with other things before)

agatha at hiltonDorota Gaweda, Egle Kulbokaite and Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Agatha @ Hilton (5), 2015. (via)

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