Short note on “Ancient Methods visit” Berghain Saturday March 19th 2016

It has been a while since my last post about upcoming events in Berlin. A series of reasons for that. Berlin contemporary electronic music scene has dramatically commercialized last years. At least this is my opinion. Boring crowds, esoteric people, boring line ups, expensive fees compose the current situation. Perhaps I am getting a little bit more selective than previous years or my incumbency in the party scene is already over… But there are also counterexamples although not as many as before. Even though Berghain is a place which is mainly the party machine (industry) of the city, remains important when it comes to good live acts and brilliant visits of artists around the world. The reason for writing today this short post, the upcoming show among others of Ancient Methods. A German producer who has long been interested in the intersection of techno and retro styles like EBM, new wave and post-industrial, resulting a unique sound. He will appear on stage of Berghain again next Saturday March 19th 2016, and I recommend you to might consider seriously to try enter that place. At Panorama Bar seems that Laurent Garnier is also one the guests. His sound became fluffy last decade but still remains one of the my main influences because of his 90s sound. You might have a look at this one for instance. You can find the whole line up with plenty of good stuff next weekend at the official webpage of Berghain here:

As for Ancient Methods,  RA reported few days ago that he’s teamed up with Scottish punk rocker Gordon Sharp from the ’80s art rock group Cindytalk. Together they’ll release the three-tracker In The Mouth Of The Wolf as a 12-inch through Powell’s Diagonal Records. It sees Ancient Methods returning to the label following his contribution to Powell’s Club Music remix EP in 2014.

Listen to “Sleight Of Hand” below.

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