Towards a New Art Writing

…The conflicts of the image economy are currently pacified by myths of the potentials of artistic autonomy and the dangers of financial speculation with art…


The hypergraphics of Systaime blur the distinction between money and image in a hyperreality of the market-circulation as digital network and digital network as art world. Currently on view in the Metaverse (online) and in Paris (offline) [Link]


Screenshot of the International Working Group on Value Theory scholarship guidelines [Link]

What “I need money” actually means is “I need access to the productive capacity of other people & the products that stem from that”
Brett Scott on twitter [Link]

This is the way to go:

“in my head, I’d draft the grant proposal that I imagined the artist wrote to fund the production”
Merray Gerges – Towards a theory of grant aesthetics [Link]


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