Artistic value in digital communication

Some bits and pieces from this text in Shades Magazine: Artistic value in digital communication

On the one hand it doesn’t matter in what spaces exactly youth wastes itself. But what activities youth is engaging with does matter, in case one attributes still hope to it.

standardization of life through rankings of experience in a market of allowed adventures. Social media provides a space for all kinds of conversations and other interactivities, and transforms them into a cybernetic database of claimed liberties, always measuring the acceptable level of disorder.

protected communication might be better called mediated sociability, instead of social media.

In the situation in front of an image there is a reality unfolding, just like it is in the situation at the assembly line, or in bed. Not in the sense that these situations are similiar, but in the sense that they are always more than just their specific act of manual labor, affective labor, or the mythical pure creativity and pure aesthetic pleasure. This is the real realism, not the aesthetic fact that reality is visual and therefore visual representations of reality appear to be connected to reality. But still the value production in the making of works of art is very well a different one than the one of making advertisements or of applying make-up to one’s own face. It is not enough to say art is anything that is produced as art, this would just be again the fetishism

Creative work creates things that let see that they are constructed. Not in a pedagogic sense, through comments on how they were made, but in a real sensual approach.

The vastness of the digital realm destroys its own restrictions. Its endless wealth is provided in the form of art, inexhaustable, this generates potentials. In that sense, the net is a catalyser for activity beyond its own media. This happens, like described above for visual art, in constantly when we encounter artistic visuality, but it remains important how consciously this is happening.

If we want it there can be a crisis of media, we can tear down the barriers.

Read: Artistic value in digital communication


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