Announcement regarding claims made online that the person who punched Richard Spencer can be identified and is a person who participated in the production of pornographic material related to the oral consumption of feces


Richard Spencer spreads racism, yet he seemed surprised when somebody answered on a violent level and interupted him from spreading his calls for “peaceful ethnic cleansing”. This was last week, you have probably seen one of the countless music remixes of the event.

Some people online now claim to have identified the person who did the punch. They show that he looks like a performer who takes part in the production of pornographic material that includes eating feces. They use this identification to try to have the identified person loose his job and to harm his family. They know that an identification à la ‘you have a similar nose and eyes and glasses like the one peaking out of that mask’ would never hold up in a court, that is why they aim at his work and family.

We are linking to one such outing: LINK, please understand why we do this, these kind of things can not be pushed into silence or censored, this is out there and it is used to harm the person, the outing can not be reversed, we are already at the next step, where it is about counter-measures to the campaign against the person.

After this outing of the puncher those who cheered the action have to re-adjust their interaction with the event. The information provided by the outing makes the act against Richard Spencer not only one that was particularly theatrical and calling for adding varous kinds of music, but should it be true that it was commited by a feces eating person producing pornographic material and living a family live and holding a normcore job at the same time, it makes it even more humiliating for Spencer and the fascist mob that is now coming to his help. They see the attacker as a weak, in Nazi thinking a “degenerate” person.

But people who want to be sexually dominated are not weak, they just enjoy to be played with, it is a powerful liberation. A person like Spencer is a threat to this liberation. We don’t see ourselves pressured to judge the action against him here, we are shituationists, why should we even talk about tactical decisions in encountering racist movements, we are specialising in art and shit and solidarity.

So we are saying: We are not shocked that somebody punched Spencer in the face. We are also not shocked that behind the mask is a person that has a sex life. We just wanted to say that we would find it great if the attacker would be a person with desires that are complex to many and profoundly irritating for the fascist mob, as explained above.

First letters to the editor are coming in and prove the point once more:



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