Berlin October 12th: Philosophy Unbound #18 Dark Matter(s). Shituationist Contribution

The Shituationist Institute proudly presents:


//Lucas Elliot Fakegruber (Shituationist Institute) – Dark Surfaces. Inside the Rave Situation

The uniformity of the rave situation is the basis for precise deviance. Entrusting oneself to the concept: After setting the time frame, the sound and light and crowd then create the rugged line of the evening with different perspectivization and microscopic examination by the participants of the rave. Every room can be a darkroom. Superfluous of all realities, unite in superficiality, we have a world to win.

The performance is part of Philosophy Unbound #18 Dark Matter(s). The shituationist contribution by Fakegruber will be a lecture-performance, other acts will be more based on music and experimental theatre. After the performances is an open stage, and then a DJ set.

The event will take place in Berliner Ringtheater Laskerstraße 5 Berlin, Germany

Doors 7:30, Start 8 PM, entry donation (recommended 5-10 Euros)

check the facebook event here:

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