About that “Riesenparty” in Hasenheide park yesterday

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Local news claim there was a “gigantic party” last night in Hasenheide park in Berlin. And that all hygenic regulations were ignored by 5000 guests, and that light systems were installed. Which is interesting to hear if you compare it with what really happened.

We were passing by this alleged “Riesenparty” last night at 11 pm. While it was big, it was certainly more anti-virus safe than most allowed forms of events. It’s considered safe to visit restaurants and take trains, have church services with 300 people inside, or mass marches… but if some people party in fresh air it’s a scandal.

No, there were no “light systems” installed, but 3 battery lamps were waved around. There was not even a proper sound system but two medium sized boxes around which people were dancing. It sounded like a distant rave… It also looked like a festival from outside, because people coming and going and the excitement in the air. But to really claim that this was a “Riesenparty” with 5000 people is just endulging in the hallucinations of the police. Why? Because this is not how these events work. There was not a close encounter of 5000 people.

People were hanging around in little groups, and in the center there was a bulk of maybe 100-200 people dancing in a denser rave crowd. With the usual circa 1m distance between the individual couples or trios. This was not a hot club party full of contact, but people dancing open air, respectfully to each other.

Again, what is “Riesenparty” supposed to mean….? There was not even a proper sound system. Instead of blaming these kids for their quite responsible fun (for example no one is shouting or singing, as it is a rave…), and attacking them with police, you should find out what they want and support them.



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