From Tiqqun to the Young Girl Reading Group. A shituationist art world oracle, including: Kony, De Kooning,, DIS Magazine, Claire Fontaine, Bernadette Corporation, Chloë Sevigny, the black block and the Hilton hotel

Remember when all the hip art students were suddenly carrying around french insurrectionist literature by the Invisible Committee and Tiqqun? One could guess it was over in 2010, after that Fox news commercial (insurrectionism became mainstream?), all we can say is, that on the surface only some ironic ripples were left online. Netartists on…

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we are shituationists, what do we know

Queer Atonality / Digital Feminism

check this: By queer atonality we mean the notion that queerness can be abstracted to mean deviation as such, aleatoriness as such, or openness as such, and thus, through such extreme abstraction, queerness may be assigned as a proper monicker for biological and even ontological systems. In other words, if biology is that thing that…

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a message in memory of Theo Angelopoulos 1935 – 2012

Theodoros Angelopoulos is not with us anymore. He died this week after a road accident, which is still under investigation by the Greek Authorities.  Theo Angelopoulos was born in Athens in 1935. After studying law, he attended courses at (the French school of cinema) “L’IDHEC” and then grew close to Jean Rouch. Im totally shocked…

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