urban nation advertising shepard obey fairey

Unstoppable? An image of the 2010s in Berlin

A commercial wholetrain, with an adhesive design of the urban artist Shepard ‘Obey’ Fairey, who recycles socialist movement graphics from the past for his succesful imagery. “Unstoppable”: The powerful arrogance of urban art in alliance with money. This is an advertising for a semi-private museum about urban art in Berlin: Urban Nation. The museum is…

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Workshop this Saturday in Berlin: Reclaim your Club

This Saturday the rave scientist Lukas Fakegruber of the Shituationist Institute will hold a seminar about the emancipatory potentials of club culture: Reclaim your Club Reclaim Club Culture is a network reflecting on the conditions of hosting raves, asking how party organizers can position themselves face to face with structures of power and exploitation in…

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In the Europool

The announcement of this sunday’s Europool event by Creamcake provides insights into culture politics and funding terminology related to the cultural sector of Berlin today. Creamcake is a popular party series that has taken place in Südblock and later Ohm, featuring musicians connected to the digital sphere, which also has organised an art festival last…

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